Want to geek out about Gigaloch?

We do things a little differently around here. Our equipment and methods mean we can go fast – lightning fast when you compare us to ISPs who go under roads. On a clear stretch, our team can lay 1km of ducting in a day.

Fibre from the future

When we say fibre, we mean it — we only build FTTP connections (using easy-to-maintain blown fibre) which means you always get the full fast connection. The cherry on the cake? We’re planning to lay not just gigabit, but 10Gb/s-ready fibre.

Heavy duty ducting

We use high-quality ducting that’s so durable it can be directly buried without protective piping. This means we don’t have to dig large and deep trenches, helping our small and agile teams build networks that will last for many decades to come.


We work with the community every step of the way. Our priority is to ensure as little environmental impact and disruption as possible and our building methods are designed to work with the environment.

Gigaloch in the community

Going where few ISPs have gone before

Most ISPs stop digging where the road ends. They don’t have the machinery or the expertise to bury fibre through rural terrain. Because we’re a rural-first provider, we’re better equipped to get to hard-to-reach areas.

Moleplough magic

The moleploughs building the spine of our network are specially designed for installing futureproof fibre infrastructure. If you register, you’ll meet our mini moleploughs too — remote control, robotic and state-of-the-art, these babies keep disruption to your land to a minimum.

Bring Gigaloch to your community

The big benefit of all this innovation? It enables us to give you a hyperfast internet connection for a fair price of £35 a month.

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