By rural communities, for rural communities

We do what we do to improve the quality of life for people in rural communities. And offering hyperfast 1Gb/s internet access isn’t the only way we can help…

Providing free high speed internet for rural schools

Fast internet is integral to a modern education. That’s why, in every community we build a network in, we offer a free symmetrical gigabit connection to the local schools – a gigabit upload and a gigabit download.

Saughall Colts

We’ve sponsored a local under 11’s football team for the 21/22 season. Come on you Colts!

Adoption Matters

Gigaloch is proud to sponsor Adoption Matters’ Teddy Bear Picnic – a fundraising event that helps vulnerable children find stable, caring homes in England.

Christleton Cricket Club

Our team volunteered to help with groundwork at the cricket club which is just outside the network footprint. We also managed to improve the electricity supply to the club by using our moleplough to install armoured cables.

Manley Grass Tennis Club

In return for allowing us to host our master cabinet at Manley Village Hall, Gigaloch have agreed to a donation of equipment for the tennis club. Ace!

The Fearnan floods

Following flooding in the Fearnan area in 2020, the Gigaloch team rallied round to build sandbag walls and help protect the local houses from flooding.

We started off as residents just like you. That’s why we care about levelling up rural communities and bridging the digital divide. If you want to work with an internet provider that provides more than internet, get in touch.

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